Shell Process

The industry standard investment casting process involves dipping the wax assembly into thin water base refractory slurry which is then coated with fine grains of ceramic sand.

The process is repeated several times using various grades of ceramic sand until the 'shell' is of sufficient strength and thickness to withstand the de-waxing and pouring processes. 

We use a robotic shelling system in a temperature and humidity controlled room to maintain the highest quality control and ensures consistent and repeatable mould manufacture.

When the shelling cycle has finished the moulds are placed in an autoclave the have the wax removed. 

They are then 'fired' to harden the ceramic material ready for pouring.


  • Improved mechanical properties v 'Block' due to a reduced metal cooling time
  • Provides a high level of dimensional accuracy with excellent surface finish
  • Economic method of casting manufacture


Components contained within 500mm x 500mm x 500mm envelope

Casting weight up to 10Kg