Located in Portsmouth, our casting centre was establish in 1979. To provide a world class specialist 'Aluminium Alloy' investment foundry, to satisfy aerospace and military needs. The casting centre has a proven reputation of assisting design authorities with the engineering of high quality castings.

Our customers include 'Selex Galileo', 'BAE Systems', 'Raytheon', 'Eaton Aerospace', in the defense and aerospace fields, to clients in diverse markets randing from motor sports to medical equipment.

Our casting centre is a specialist foundry supplying precision castings to all company sizes, large, medium and small satisfying all aerospace, military and various commercial needs. Producing extended production runs or single casting requirements.

The manufacturing facility is situated in a single building, with 1760 square metres floor space, encompassing production, testing and administration operational areas.

We have manufacturing facilities for the lost wax production methods, of 'Block' and 'Shell'. Both methods compliment each other with respect to the varied range of castings that can be produced, regarding geometric configuration, grade, quantity and delivery.

Our casting centre is one of a select number of large scale industrial foundries worldwide, offering 'Block Process' component manufacture in aluminium alloys.

We seek to exceed customer satisfaction by responding to our customer's changing needs through advanced working practices, supported within robust Quality Systems.